first – a.k.a my first time in hong kong

hello hey hi it’s me.

i’ve decided that i want my first post to be something nice, something that makes me smile (on the inside). what better to post than pics from my hong kong trip!!!! i also took some really nice photos on my film camera but being the god of destruction that i am, i accidentally wound the film the wrong way and basically ripped the film out of the roll. genius. i’m genuinely saddened by my sheer prowess of manhandling things bc those photos would’ve been really nice!!! i mean i remember vaguely taking photos at some really pretty places (the signature narrow hk streets, victoria peak, other places) but good job, me. UNLESS someone knows where to develop ripped film that’d be really great, thanks! as of now, they’re sitting in a shoddily made envelope made of black paper in an attempt to preserve the shots.

we took the (really) early morning flight over to hk so that we’d have the rest of the entire day to roam around. the “we” refers to me and my sister – see, if it was w more family members, you know the adultier adults (i.e the parents) would just want to chill out after a long flight or take a nap. if we’d gone w/ our cousins, we would’ve toured the entire country in a day. but the 2 of us are lazy pieces of shit who decided to milk the 3 days and went to any tourist destination we could think of.

when we got off, honestly the only difference was the weather. i mean, largely east-asian population, english signs w/ chinese characters below, loads of high-rise buildings, population dense, muggy weather, i could go on but you get the picture.

there’s a train that connected to the train line that goes to our hotel, but it looks different from the regular trains. the MTR (imagine tryna differentiate the two jeez) looks like our MRT but these trains look like those european trains like 2 seats on each side, big windows to gaze out of dreamily, etc;

the second pic is from inside the MTR. the lady’s ringtone was “loser” by big bang and now every time i hear that song, i get a flashback to this trip. it’s a good thing i guess??? better an enjoyable trip than a breakup or something.

typical tourist shot. shibuya square, eiffel tower, leaning tower of pisa…this. the wide angle was some cheap attachment i got in some shady store in some shady mall but it’s really good for the price in my opinion. i mean of course, there’s the blurring in the corners but c’mon, these are vacation shots, who cares as long as the photo looks nice amirite?

the roads are like, at an angle. 40º or so?

plus point, makes for a good ootd background (see those girls in the 2nd pic. yep.)

view from the hong kong branch of my sister’s workplace. check out that mountain/hill/wtv!!!!

this view. oh my god, this view. gorgeous. i’d come back to this hotel just for the view. the room was really nice too but nothing could compare to this. i forgot the hotel name fk man i needa ask my sister LOL

victoria peak! it was 10º here with winds that would put usain bolt to shame. i got looks for wearing a tshirt and jeans (i get hot very easily) but after a while my knuckles got too red from the icy wind and my sister said i turned 5 shades whiter from the cold so i had to put my jacket on >:-( but it’s whatever, i still enjoyed the dry-cold (i hate aircon-cold btw humidity + cold = shite). after that we aimlessly walked around looking for shops but we managed to find the museum…eventually…i got so grumps bc i hate being lost (sorry not a wanderlust-y person, i need my google maps) but we found it so good. i have photos of the exhibits (& more) in my phone but i think the ones i’ve put in so far are enough. plus i don’t wna spoil the exhibits for anyone, go see for yourself!!!! plus we got a cool folder (that we lost) for answering some qns bc the surveyors were looking for foreigners to interview and we were the only obviously foreign-looking ones lel.

DASSIT. i didn’t insert any anecdotes of disneyland bc i can’t remember what we did besides walk and buy souvenirs. did we even ride anything???? i mean, i…nope, nothing. we didn’t buy much either, i got an adidas hoodie, black converse, khaki nikes, and nothing else i think. no money lo. oh well, maybe next time i’ll get to shop more and visit the border. hopefully i’ll remember to add the country code and stop calling some random dude in hong kong instead of my sister bc apparently if you don’t type in 0065 the call will still go through bc someone actually uses that number there. but he was polite HAHA SO IT’S FINE.

i’m so sorry i’m such a rubbish writer and i keep going around and around and jumping around LIKE IM DOING RIGHT NOW JESUS.

cash you later howbow dah (this meme will die soon)

– me.


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