wake up and makeup

first time sourcing for clothes and doing the makeup. usually I just tell them what to wear/put on. was shitting my pants worrying that it wouldn’t come out right but it did PHEW i’m so relieved. ok la also Ken made my life easier, he was surprisingly easy to put makeup on – he didn’t even twitch when I put liner on his waterline!!!! – and he didn’t complain about having to come with me to find for clothes LOL and of course heather the heathen (kidding) who joined me in the eye rolling and for helping carry the shit load of shit I brought just to take these 🙌🙏 can’t wait for round 2 AFTER Ken creates instagram (or whenever i need to borrow him again). but i was just really so bloody grateful that ken was so enthusiastic about it. ok let’s be real, how often do guys actually look forward to having their makeup done and be dressed? plus considering he’s so low-key, i thought heather and i’d have to hype him up but i was pleasantly surprised to see that he himself was up for it. if only i had more guy friends who both are willing to do this stuff and can fit into whatever qualities i need for whatever shoots i plan (hard to say at this point)

behind-the-sceneseu photos by heather


inspo from exo’s baekhyeon. this looks like it’s from the monster music video because it was all reds and purples (i love that aesthetic) but i guess it’s for some red carpet thing.


and here’s what has come of it: (wow!!!! never before seen !!!! what access !!!!)


now that’s what you call a transformation


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